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My little one was diagnosed with an allergy caused by bed bug bits. So glad I made the call and R & K took care of the problem........ Edward in White Plains

We travel often due to business. Never thought we would bring bed bugs home but we were infested......... Michelle in Bedford

Could not believe my termites are gone. R and K did it when others didn't........ John in Chappaqua

Black ants were living in my trees and coming into the house. Thanks R and K for the ant stations. They removed them totally. Burt in Pleasantville

Had little brown flying moths. R & K identified them as Egyptian grain moths and set traps and removed them....... Jay in Westchester

Found little brown bugs in my kitchen cabinets. R& K identified this as a mouse issue and they acted quickly removing them and finding how they were getting into my home...... Joan in Mt. Kisco

Identified White Ringed Mud Wasps under the eave of my office and took care of them rapidly. Glad no one was stung by these critters........ TC Westchester