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Safe, Effective Termite Eradication

To a termite, your home looks... delicious. It's not enough to repair damage or kill individual termites. For real peace of mind, you need a complete termite system that will provide complete colony elimination - 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Number One Brand in Termite Protection

The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is the effective, environmentally responsible way to protect a home from termites. That’s why it’s the product of choice for millions of homeowners and used to protect many national landmarks, such as the White House, the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall. The Sentricon System is preferred by consumers 3-to-1 over the next leading termite bait.

The environmentally responsible choice.

The Sentricon System uses only a few grams of active ingredient to eliminate termite colonies. This active ingredient is contained in bait Sentricon stations, where it poses no hazard to groundwater, and has no label restrictions for use around wells and cisterns. Among its green credentials is this: The Sentricon System was registered under the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. And it is the only termite control product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

Innovative Always Active technology.

The Sentricon System with Always Active technology begins the termite colony elimination process without delay and offers continuous property protection from termites.
  • Recruit HD® termite bait is immediately available to termites when they enter the stations.
  • Recruit HD® termite bait remains available all the time to eliminate termite colonies and protect against future invasions.
  • Highly durable and dense Recruit HD® termite bait will stand up to a tough environment for many years.
  • Highly desirable Recruit HD® termite bait is preferred by termites over wood, so they devour it faster than wood, and find it even more desirable as it ages.
  • Homeowners prefer the Sentricon System with Always Active technology over other treatment options.

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